When talking about Murano’s history in glassmaking, it is natural to find only the best of the best glass masters working on these precious and unique designs. One of them is Paolo Venini, one of Italy’s oldest and most renowned glass masters of all times. 

Since 1925 Venini is known as one of Murano’s leading glass masters. He was someone who embraced innovative trends in the fields of art and architecture, and brought in talented artists from all over the world in order to work with them and create special limited editions. He became well known for his eccentric modernist designs, but also famous for a refined and elegant style that quickly became a constant trait in every piece. This high quality in craftsmanship was only assured thanks to Venini’s personal inspection in every step of the production, setting high standards for quality and design.

When Venini past away in 1959, the company was passed on to his children and grandchildren, but in 1972 a terrible fire caused great damage to Venini’s furnaces and archives, causing the loss of almost all of the company’s records. Even though Venini’s glass masters tried to recover some of the lost techniques and designs, the quality did not quite match the original pieces of earlier times.

Until this day the repetition of older original designs continues, whether because it’s customary or because the firm keeps trying to recover older archives. And even though todays production may be based on authentic pieces, quality and design, the commodities and processes marked by today’s technology reflect a great change in Venini’s glass pieces.

This is why we at Brandstationen choose to work with vintage lighting, the glass just have that magic that can not be replicated.


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