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Mouthblown Murano Sphere lamps

If you have the means, stop by and check out our fantastic muranospheres that have just arrived. We enjoy having these handmade masterpieces with us again, you are happy when you see them.

The lamps come in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes and become a unique element in every room they are allowed to decorate. Lamps are a bit of our specialty and ideally they should be from Murano.

Contact us at [email protected] if you find a favorite you want to order or have any questions about these lamps

The lamps are available in three different sizes and can be used both as a table lamp and a ceiling lamp - vary as you wish!

Materials: Glass & Brass

Size: Large ø40, Medium ø30 cm, Small ø20 cm

Max cord length: 65cm

Light source: E27

Viva Italia

Right now the stores are filled with magically beautiful vintage muranos, check out this beauty, lots of really nice ones in place and on their way out here in the store too, but follow us on Instagram and you'll always find the latest.

Here you will find a little more about the history of the Murano lamp and a little more information about some of the greatest icons of glass art.

A unique murano lamp is something very special, the glass from murano has a different tone and clarity that is difficult to define, the impression must actually be experienced to be truly understood. But we do our best to convey its beauty and are happy to answer questions.

Check out some of the unique lamps you'll find in stores here



Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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