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Testa Di Moro

Discover the iconic Testa di Moro originating from Sicily - a legendary ceramic vase that often adorns balconies and villas on the island. The legend of Testa di Moro tells a story of passion, revenge and mystery set in the Arab quarter of Palermo in the 12th century.

The history about Testa di moro

According to legend, a rich young Moorish man and a young Sicilian girl fell deeply in love. But when she found out that he had to return to his homeland where his wife was waiting, the young girl decapitated her beloved so that he would never be able to leave her.

The next morning, she transformed his head into a pot, filled it with basil, a symbol of passion and royalty, and placed it on her balcony. The symbol grew luxuriantly and aroused the envy of the local residents who ordered the construction of similar vessels. Today, these decorative vases are handmade in ceramics and then hand-painted by master craftsmen, a very special symbol of Sicily.

These colorful vases in the shape of heads, often with royal crowns and decoration in the form of gold and flowers, are part of the Sicilian cultural tradition and today give homes all over the world a sense of Sicily.

Today we see Testa di Moro appearing more and more in Swedish homes as well, an incredible craft with an unusual history that obviously has a place at Brandstationen.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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