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Vintage Candles

LES CHARITY BOUGIES DE NY was founded in 2017 with the motivation to offer healthy and sustainable candles. Les Charity de Bougies tries by all means to make its brand as environmentally friendly as possible and with as little impact as possible on health and the environment. All containers come from charities around France. Here at the Fire Station, we love these beautiful, durable and recycled candles. A perfect gift for the person who has everything. This year's Christmas present for friends, family and perfect as an environmentally friendly corporate gift.

Charity Bougies Deny, is more than just a company - they have a vision to make the world a better place through the power of light and love.

These luxurious candles are created with care and love in the heart of France. Each candle is a unique journey to the most beautiful places and memories this wonderful world has to offer. With vintage containers that capture the beauty of blooming gardens, exotic spices and fresh ocean breezes, our candles will take you on a journey to faraway destinations every time you light them.

What really sets them apart from other companies is their commitment to charity. In addition to the candlesticks being purchased from charity shops in France, part of the company's revenue goes to charitable causes around the world. Every time you buy one of these candles, you help support those who need it most.

Light a candle from Charity Bougies de NY and feel the power of love and beauty spread in your home and throughout the world. Together we can create light in the darkness and make a real difference.

Welcome to a world of light!

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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