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Brandstationen Studio Agency has evolved in synergy with some of our existing suppliers and operates as an agency within the interior design industry, catering to architects, contract businesses, and retailers in the interior design sector. Leveraging our experience and expertise, we offer Brand Management, Contract / Architect, and Retail services to provide your brand with the best possible positioning in the market.

At Brandstationen Studio Agency, we have always prioritized quality and design. We take pride in representing strong brands like Locomocean and Meloria by Graziani today.

Brandstationen Studio Agency is devoted to only take on brands which philosophy align with ours. Our philosophy is simple but important to us: we aim to promote products where design, quality, and functionality are equally crucial elements of the concept.

Brandstationen Studio Agency maintains close partnerships with the companies we represent. We strive to bridge the gap between them and the retailers, interior designers, and architects we engage with daily. We believe in curating strong brands that complement each other to create a diversified product range, making our agency an intriguing and successful partner for both suppliers and retailers.


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Brand management is an ongoing collaborative effort we undertake with all our partners. We make it our mission to deeply understand your brand, its target market, and the overarching vision of your company.  From there, we develop a strategy to ensure your brand's goals are achieved. A favorable starting point for a brand new to the Swedish market is representation in our stores in central Stockholm.



With Contract/Architect services, we present and market brands from our portfolio to architects and interior designers. This approach expands the brand's reach and recognition in the market. We target the hospitality industry within our interior design projects, providing our brands with visibility in well-known destinations across the Swedish market.



​​Welcome to a world of vibrant colors, materials, unforgettable patterns, and a love for vintage! We are not just interior designers; we are guides on a journey through time and space. Our passion is to create interiors that tell a story, evoke emotions, and create memories, whether it's for a restaurant or your private home. We believe in breaking rules, thinking outside the box, and creating something that is both unique and timeless. Our passion for retro and vintage is our driving force, and our joy is to share it with you. So if you long for an interior that is colorful, unique, and full of character, you've come to the right place.

For us, color is a powerful form of expression, and we dare to use it to the fullest. Our projects are filled with bold shades that transport you back to past decades, taking a nostalgic journey through the most colorful eras. Who said interior design has to be subdued and neutral? We argue the opposite - that it can be as vibrant, colorful, and dynamic as life itself.

The goal of our projects is to support you as a client in creating an environment where every piece of furniture, every wallpaper, and every detail is carefully chosen to harmonize with the overall vision and enhance the unique atmosphere you want to convey.



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